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Security Associates Corp™ provides a “Vulnerabilities Assessment” which is a more holistic approach to evaluating information systems security. These proprietary processes and procedures provide a comprehensive, in depth look into your information systems. The goal is to document your Information systems ability to protect your information assets confidentiality, integrity and availability.

ECM’s automated security assessment process evaluates 15 major parameters of organizations. These parameters include:

  • Administrative policies and procedures
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Authorization and identification
  • Virus Controls
  • Audit
  • Configuration management
  • Application security
  • Data Classification
  • User workstation security
  • Server / host security
  • Network security
  • Perimeter security
  • Telecommunications security
  • Physical plant security
  • Existing contingency and crisis planning

    While it’s not uncommon for a manager to select a safeguard without first doing a risk analysis, the result may be a serious over-expenditure of funds for protective measures that lead to a false sense of security. The Assessment software bridges the communication gap between the IT staff and the economic decision maker. This is accomplished by providing a Return on Investment (ROI) analysis prioritizing the most significant security risks and identifying where to best allocate budgetary funding (Do we help determine a dollar amount for remediation to the out of compliance issue?)

    Quarterly risk assessments are an essential part of conducting business in today’s environment. Whether compelled by good security practices, government requirements, institutional oversight, or stockholder protection, comprehensive vulnerability assessments are an essential part of an organizations protection strategy. The vulnerabilities assessment will identify your business’ vulnerabilities, help mitigate your risk, and define implementation measures to aid in the best allocation of your security budget. The assessment will assist an organization in developing a complete understanding of their security environment, thus allowing the business to focus on their core competencies.

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